Spiritualism in these videos we cover how we use spiritual practices in the church. 

To clarify, what CCSL means by the words Spiritualism and Spiritualist. It would more be in the territory of "Spirituality" as opposed to Spiritualism. Priestess Noel-Ann has been open about her journey of faith. And that the "Spiritual" community helped her stay in the faith. However, if one were to label us "Not real Spiritualists" Because we do not allow or condone communing with the dead, spellwork, or the like. Then I would not argue. We are Christian. Not Spiritualists. The term, Christian Spiritualist, believe it or not, was used to describe the Priestess in her very early days online, and was lovingly given to her by a mix of Spiritualists, Christian Spiritualists, and various other people on the internet. While we consider Spiritualism to also include Spirituality, and communion with specifically the Holy Spirit. We do not condone communion with the dead. So we are Christian. We are very spiritual Christians. But we are Christian. We believe in Spiritual Gifts, but not spellwork, communion with the dead, or use, worship, or acknowledgment of other deities within a Church context. 

Priestess Noel Ann McCreary of the Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle showcases how to perform a "Prayer ritual" spraying holy water (useually specifically on the prayer candle) , lighting a stick of incense to the point of it maintaining a flame, and using said incense to light the prayer candle saying " In the name of the son, the father, and the holy spirit" and then extinguish the flame on the lit incense, set the now burning incense into a proper incense holder,  and declare " I (or we), offer this incense as an offering to my (or our) , GOD" and there ya go! 

Directly above this text is my actual DIPLOMA in tarot. That backs my understanding. Again we DO NOT endorse divination, but I do have an actual formal education in tarot reading. 

Priestess Noel Ann McCreary showcases the "Christ consciousness tarot ritual "of the church and it turns into an impromtu testimony. 

This is a more instructive video on how to do the Christ consciousness tarot ritual In The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle 

The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle's statement regarding healing crystals: "Garnet, is mentioned in Ezekiel 28:13, red garnet is mentioned as one of the special stones that are covering the land of the Garden of Eden. A different biblical reference that stands out is Exodus 28:15-21, where there is reference to the crystals encrusted in the breastplate of Aaron, considered the founder and head of the Israelite priesthood and who is the brother of Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt. These precious stones were definitely characterized as far from evil minerals. In fact, they were meant to “represent one of the twelve sons of Israel.” Exodus 28:30 makes mention of Urim and Thummim. These stones were used to determine the “Lord’s will for his people” whenever Aaron went before the Lord. And persuant to this
Observation, we take the spiritual stance that so long as you never use them for divination, spellwork, or the acknowledgement of other deities, they are simply a spiritual tool to be used for either healing, meditation, or prayer. "

One of the roles a minister can be in after ordained is a ' Spiritualist Minister' Where they focus on instruction of maintaining Christ in alternative versions of worship. 

How to make a prayer candle. 

There is more videos of the " Daily Christ Consciousness tarot pull and matching bible verse " I only performed them temporarily to keep my "Spiritual juices flowing" so to speak. But I fully intend to return fully to church work. - Priestess Noel Ann McCreary 

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