On our Homepage is a document of our 16 Tenents that govern our Church. First and foremost we are a CHRISTIAN church. We believe in Christ. Praise JESUS!  A copy of our statement of faith: 

Statement of Faith. "We at the Ministry of the Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle, affirm that we love and serve Jesus, Never commit unjust harm, and will follow the scripture as the authoritative word of GOD, we also will follow and agree to abide by and be guided by the Church's 16 tenents."


Unfortunately not all our sermons are posted here but, feel free to check out the official church YouTube channel. GOD bless and walk in love!! - Priestess Noel Ann M.

A bit choppy in post, but It seems in post upload the sermon skips. Im hoping to fix this. But the description summarizes it. The Worship songs we listened to were Keith Green's Sheep and the Goats/ Asleep in the Light song medley. And Good Day by Flamy Grant. Then i went into discussing the 16 tenents of the Church, i Ended with my reading of Galatians 3:26-29. - Priestess Noel Ann McCreary Link to sermon:->

I was able to upload the FULL SERMON on youtube.

Sermon 08.20.2023 first sunday service second sermon.

Priestess prayed, and we listened to some Keith Green, then went over 2nd Corinthians chapter 12 verse 7-10. Also addresed some tiktok comments. GOD BLESS and walk in love. 

08 27 2023 Priestess Noel Ann McCreary Did a sermon about John Chapter 8 v 1 through 30. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Also we had our first prayer request and she ended up reading Genesis 9 20 through 27 as well. A story about Noah and his descendants.  :) God bless and walk in Love. 

Sermon 09.03.2023 Priestess Noel Ann McCreary Delivers personal testimony and Goes over how 1 thes. Ch 5 v 16-18 Has personally helped her through a dark time. GOD bless and walk in love!!!! 

“In today’s sermon Priestess Noel Ann McCreary listens to some Worship music by Ministree and Keith Green. And preaches about Psalm 23 and how it ties directly into her life. Through homelessness, abuse, and losing all modern comfort for a time, the Lord still stayed with her. AMEN! God bless and walk in love!”

Sunday service 9.17.2023

Matthew 25 40:45 


What makes a christian? Romans 10:9-13 Priestess Noel Ann McCreary talks about christianity through the bible. 

GOD is always present. Priestess Noel Ann McCreary shares true stories of GOD's pressence.

Woe to the Wealthy who hoard their Wealth. 

Hope in GOD 

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