Credentials of Ministry

This is my list of official credentials. Starting with my Seminary certificates from SEBTS. 

Followed by my CLI award. And my Art of Biblical words Certification.

Ending with my GBS Certification from NCU and my Church's original EIN IRS doc.

Now The address is no longer going to be the one associated with the EIN Document.

But it serves as a genuine registration of us as a Church. 

All of these certificates are legit. The certificates of course completion are from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Acquired through lifeway) which is an accredited university. The GBS (General Bible Scholar) Certificate is from Northwestern Christian University Worldwide (US branch) Which is Ministry accredited but not state accredited. The CLI award is from the respected institution, that is Christian Leadership Institute also known as the Christian Learning Institute. The Art of biblical words Certification is a full on certification through an online independent study program provided by - Priestess Noel Ann McCreary