Priestess Noel Ann McCreary's Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle Certificate of Ordination. 

Directly below is an example of what our Church's ordination Certification looks like.

I went ahead made my own ordination for myself as lead minister, even though I am legally ordained through ULC Ministries Monastary and AMM

I figured I need to begin ordination. So the first ordination is of course of myself. I have been called by GOD So this unique Certificate is acredited by GOD, my other two ordinations 1 from Universal Life Church and the other from American Marriage Ministry, and my recorded Seminary studies. Future ones will be signed off by other members of clergy. 

In order for any other certificates like this to be valid it MUST be signed by another ordained minister of the Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle.

What the Process will look like to be ordained. 

Step 1. One must pass a background check for any Sex crimes. And pass a minister verbal interview by another already ordained Minister of the Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle.

Step 2. One must show a genuine understanding and ability to reference our 16 tenents. The showing of this understanding must be shown to a ministry member. 

Step 3. One must Prove a knowledge of the bible worthy of Preaching as a representative of the church either through a verbal church test or showcasing proof of sufficient seminary studies. Again Another Ordained member must approve. 

Step 4. You must showcase the "Christ Consciousness" Tarot ritual. And follow all of the steps in order to instruct others on the Christian Tarot method. An Ordained minster must approve.

Step 5. You must vow before church witnesses to always adhere to our Statement of faith. Which you will be required to recite in your vow. Vow to never discriminate against any people except to those who have intentionally harmed children. And the final vow to never acknowledge any deities as gods or worthy of worship, outside of Our GOD which is the trinity of GOD the father, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ living as one. 

Step 6. After the ministry approves. We will perform a ceremony to commemorate. An ordained minister will sign off on your certificate. 



After ordained? 

Well at first you will pick your title

If you identify as a woman the gendered title is Priestess. If you don't want a gendered title then Pastor is a neutral title with the same rank.

If you identify as a man the gendered title is Deacon. If you don't want a gendered title then Pastor is neutral title with the same rank.

If you are genderfluid or Non-Binary then you may also feel free to use the title Pastor.

All of these titles are equal to each other within whatever ministry roles one serves. 

For example if there is both a Deacon and a Priestess who are both youth ministers, they are the same rank. They both would be outranked by a lead minister however. (Example of a Lead Minister is Priestess Noel Ann McCreary) Ministry roles can vary but every church will have a Lead Minister who works as the primary Church leader and figurehead. 

There can be: Spiritualist Ministers (Who specialize in helping guide church members with how to do things like "Christ Consciousness" Tarot Rituals, and other alternative methods of prayer and meditation. There are specific ways to make sure one does not sin when doing these things and NEVER are we allowed to actually commune with the dead or do spellwork) 

Youth Ministers (Who specialize in sheparding the youth) 

Evangelical Ministers (Who help spread the word of our lord and savior Jesus Christ)

and Lead Ministers (Who lead their church location) 

So after you pick a title. You either will volunteer or be assigned to one of these Minister roles. 

You then will fulfil your duty to the best of your ability until retirement or death unless you violate our 16 Tenents or statement of faith or your vows. Warning: (ANY INTENTIONAL HARM TO ANY CHILD WILL INSTANTLY MAKE YOUR ORDINATION REVOKED AND YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE CHURCH, PRAY LAW ENFORCEMENT GETS YOU BEFORE OUR MINISTRY DOES LEST YOUR FEEL OUR BRAND OF JUSTICE)