STATEMENT OF FAITH: "We at the Ministry of the Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle, affirm that we love and serve Jesus, Never commit unjust harm, and will follow the scripture as the authoritative word of GOD, we also will follow and agree to abide by and be guided by the Church's 16 tenents." The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle is a religious organization that preaches and lives by the Bible and the 16 tenents of its faith, which are all based on the Bible. We have a Facebook page where we share information about our beliefs, events, and updates.We are now a federally declared church and are working on building a solid congregation. Christian spiritual life involves knowledge, moral effort, and spiritual exercises, but essentially it is a person-to-person contact between God who speaks to man (Short for mankind) in His Word and man who responds in the Word in loving faith. It is a dialogue with God in love — life with the Father, in the Son, through the Holy Spirit. The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle is Helmed by Priestess Noel Ann McCreary. (An Ordained Minister, with several college certificates specific to bible studies.) We are a Pro LGBTQ+ Affirming Church. And Our 16 tenents we follow make that clear. The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle is a federally declared Christian church that is led by Priestess Noel Ann McCreary, who is legally ordained and has several certifications and awards in biblical studies. She is also an openly LGBTQ+ minister who advocates for the inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ+ people in Christianity. The church follows the Bible and the 16 tenets of its faith, which are a mix of affirmations of following the Holy Trinity and research backing theological justification for LGBTQ+ people. The church also incorporates spiritualism into its worship by allowing alternative methods of prayer and meditation under guidance, such as "Christ Consciousness" tarot, healing crystals, and meditation. The church has rules to make sure that these methods do not violate God or involve communing with the dead or doing spellwork. The church has different ministry roles, such as spiritualist ministers, youth ministers, and evangelical ministers, each with their own specialization and responsibilities. The church also allows its ministers to choose their own title based on their gender identity or preference, such as priestess, deacon, or pastor. All of these titles are equal in rank within their respective ministry roles. The church's mission is to preach and live by the Bible and the 16 tenents of its faith, and to spread the word of God's love for all people. 







As Priestess and Lead Minister of The Church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle . I, Priestess Noel Ann McCreary, am temporarily halting church work. After consultation with other LGBTQ Christian peers. I have always made a point in my sermons not to hide my own hardships and struggles. I have spoken publicly about my struggles with forgiving others who have wronged me in the past. But my mental health has been really giving it to me. And I feel a responsibility to the small congregation I have online to not subject you all to my own process of faith. I know most of you have other sources of worship. But for those of you that do not I as Lead minister highly recommend United Church of Christ locations.And Episcopalian branches. Though both do not incorporate the elements of Spiritualism in their methods of prayer that I do. They are Bible believing branches that I've heard from dear friends of mine ( and looked into myself) that they are totally affirming and accepting as well as celebratory denominations when it comes to us LGBTQ folks. I as Priestess am doing my due diligence to my congregation and to the lord by making sure I'm a respectable woman of God who has all her wits about her when she returns. I do not promise that the church will be back, nor do I Swear it off as a possibility. I merely cannot host Sunday services at the present moment for mental health reasons. To all of you who have supported, shared, given me positive feedback, trusted me as a religious councilor, and even some who donated. A special thanks. And to both Stephanie and  Li Willhite You both have shown me such faith and support i love the both of you. And seeing both of your growth has shown me that no matter what happens the fruits of this church's time have grown no matter how small they seem. For future use I still offer services such as marriage ceremonies, baptisms, blessings, and even exorcisms (especially once i finish my studies of demonology at APC) I still will atleast for now bear the formal title Priestess only until if and when I decide to retire as a minister. But this public walk in faith, literally saved my life when I was suicidal. I presently no longer have the same zeal and childlike faith i had when I first began and I have Far too much respect and trust for GOD to continue half heartedly. I will keep this page, the youtube channel, the website and all my sermons and educational videos up for archive and research reasons.. So no matter what GOD bless and Walk in Love! Sincerely, Priestess Noel Ann McCreary, of the church of Christian Spiritualism & Lifestyle.

UPDATE Priestess Noel Ann McCreary (myself), has decided that eventually she will return to ministry work. She is working on refiling her non profit documents, securing a home, and finding a physical building to rent to use as a Church space. GOD BLESS AND WALK IN LOVE 



-April 29th 2024